Terem Quartet

Terem- Quartet

Terem-Quartet is a musical ensemble from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The ensemble playing in the genre of Crossover was created in 1986. Since that time, Terem-Quartet has released 17 CDs, and its repertoire includes more than 500 musical compositions of classical and modern music.

Terem-Quartet has performed more than 2,500 concerts in more than 60 countries. The ensemble is regarded as a symbol of Saint Petersburg because it has represented its native city in many cultural events all over the world.

The appearances of Terem-Quartet include:

-  Womad. Within the bounds of this event musicians performed on one stage with Peter Gabriel, Sinéad O'Connor, Suzanne Vega and Led Zeppelin. At Peter Gabriel's instance Real World Records recorded the first CD of the ensemble - "The Terem". This Cd was released in 1992. Allmusic Guide gives 4.5 stars to it: "The Quartet's eccentric approach transforms everything it touches into shades of humor and delight". In the next years Terem-Quartet repeatedly performed on Womad.
- Pope John Paul II invitation of Terem-Quartet to play in Vatican. Here at the "Family Day" holiday they gave concert to 120-thousand audience. Among the listeners was Mother Teresa who blessed the musicians and presented them medallions.
- Edinburgh festival and solo concerts of the ensemble received the highest mark of "Scotsman" newspaper.
- Alexander Pushkin 300-anniversary celebration Terem-Quartet played in St. James's Palace. Among the listeners was Prince Charles.
- Eurovision second semi-final opening in 2009. For this event, musicians prepared 6-minute potpourri of songs-winners of this competition ("Waterloo" by Abba, "Volare", "Diva" by Dana International, "Believe" by Dima Bilan and Ding-A-Dong by Teach-In). This year the DVD "Terem-Quartet or Imperceptibles" (Terem-Quartet Y Snova Neulovimiye) was released. It comprises compositions from popular Soviet movies, Charlie Chaplin's ones and Mission: Impossible Theme.

In 2010, with the assistance of Saint Petersburg government and Ministry of Culture, Terem Quartet organized "Terem Crossover First International Music Competition" in Saint Petersburg.

In 1991 Peter Gabriel called the ensemble style "Teremism" by analogy with "communism".  In European terminology Terem-Quartet's style is known as "World music".